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Action Alert

Urgent Action Needed in Louisiana!

Publication Date: 2006-06-27

Please contact Governor Blanco TODAY by email or by phone at 866-366-1121 to encourage her to sign SB742 to protect the health of Louisiana workers and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure in all workplaces and restaurants.

The Louisiana Legislature has sent Senate Bill 742 to Governor Blanco's desk. If signed, Senate Bill 742 will make all workplaces and restaurants 100% smokefree, and give local governments the ability to expand smokefree protections in their communities for other public places not covered by the state law, such as bars. This would be a major victory and step forward for public health in Louisiana.

The last step is for Governor Blanco to sign SB 742. Unfortunately, tobacco industry allies are hoping the Governor will prioritize THEIR profits over the public's health and not to sign the bill. We need your help once again to urge the Governor to protect the health of Louisiana's residents and visitors.