Protect Local Control

Ensuring Community Rights
To Pass Smokefree Ordinances

Legislative Summary

SB246 - (preemptive, exemptions) - An Act Establishing the Clean Indoor Air Act - Signed by Governor

The Senate and House passed two very different versions of SB246. The House version of the bill would make most workplaces smokefree, including bars and casinos, and would protect local control. However, the Senate version exempted bars with less than 20% of sales from food, casinos, and cigar bars, and would prohibit local governments from adopting stronger laws. The conference committee released a compromise bill in June 2008 that is preemptive and exempts bars, enclosed bar areas of restaurants, 25% of gaming floors, cigar bars, tobacco promotion events, private clubs, charitable fund raisers, and retail tobacco shops.

  • Preemptive Action


  • Anti-Preemptive Clause