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Bredesen: Ban smoking at work

Publication Date: 2007-02-09
  • Publication:The Tennessean

Some Tennesseans greeted Gov. Phil Bredesen's call Thursday night for a ban on smoking in Tennessee workplaces as long overdue, while others perceived it as a needless intrusion of government.

One organization that promotes the health of Tennesseans quickly got behind the ban, which Bredesen proposed in a speech Thursday night to the Tennessee Press Association.

"We support it," said Shelby Logsdon, executive director of The Campaign for a Healthy and Responsible Tennessee. "There are 21 states with workplace smoking bans, and it's about time Tennessee followed suit."...

Bredesen told a group of about 100 newspaper publishers, editors and reporters at a downtown Nashville hotel that "every Tennessean deserves — frankly every one of us has,
I think, the right — to go to work, to earn a paycheck, to eat a meal, to provide for our families, without risking our health in the process. All workers have the right to breathe clean air."