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State senators vow wider smoking ban

Publication Date: 2007-02-22
  • Author:Rita Giordano
  • Publication:Philadelphia Inquirer

They plan to extend the prohibition to all casino gambling floors. An A.C. law isn't enough, they said.

Unhappy with a partial casino smoking ban recently approved by Atlantic City, a group of state senators yesterday moved to prohibit smoking completely in the city's 11 casinos by expanding a state law banning smoking in most public places.

Sen. Joseph F. Vitale said the Senate health committee that he chairs would hold a hearing Monday on imposing a total casino smoking ban.

"It's time to save the lives of the thousands of casino workers who are at risk because of secondhand smoke," said Vitale (D., Middlesex).

The bill would amend a state law passed last year that banned smoking in bars, restaurants and most other public places but exempted casinos.