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Urge Governor Blagojevich to sign the smokefree bill!

Publication Date: 2007-05-18

Thanks to your help, a smokefree Illinois is within reach!

We're almost there! You made the calls to your Senators and Representatives and they worked. Thank you! The Smoke Free Illinois Act, Senate Bill 500, would make all workplaces, including restaurants and bars and casinos 100% smokefree awaits Governor Blagojevich's signature to make Illinois America's next 100% smokefree state.

So now it's time to call Governor Blagojevich and ask him to sign the "Smoke Free Illinois Act" into law, as it is, with no changes or exemptions!


1) Please call the Governor right now at (217) 782-6830 or (312) 814-2121. It could be the most important few minutes you spend today.

2) Ask him to "Please sign SB 500, as is, into law, making all workplaces 100% smokefree." You will likely just be leaving a message, especially if it is after 5pm, which is just fine. Every message will be counted!

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