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Public places free of smoke?

Publication Date: 2007-06-13
  • Publication:Detroit (MI) Free Press

Michigan lawmakers try again to get a ban passed

State Sen. Ray Basham, D-Taylor, has been trying to get a ban passed since he first started in the Legislature in 1997. And 30 other states in the nation, including Ohio, have enacted some sort of smoking ban.

On Tuesday, more than 150 people -- some smokers and others who hate the habit -- showed up at a hearing to give their thoughts.

"We're letting this serial killer roam through our offices, restaurants and factory floors unchecked," said Basham, whose bill has been tied up without a committee hearing in the Senate since it was introduced in January.

A different bill debated Tuesday would ban smoking in virtually all enclosed public places. Smoking bans have been proposed several times in the past decade, but most have exempted bars and restaurants. Those bills have never gotten a vote in committee or by the full House of Representatives or Senate.