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Do you want a smokefree Pennsylvania?

Publication Date: 2007-06-21

Are you sick of secondhand smoke in Pennsylvania?

Clean air is in sight. Lawmakers are now debating long-overdue legislation that would clear the air in all Pennsylvania workplaces.

Senate Bill 246 is a strong smokefree bill, but it's under Big Tobacco attack. The state Senate is considering numerous Big Tobacco loopholes that would keep bars, casinos and many other Pennsylvania workplaces SMOKE-FILLED.

We need your help TODAY to support a STRONG bill with no exemptions! EVERYONE needs to breathe and deserves a smokefree workplace. Service industry worker health should not be sacrificed for Big Tobacco's profit.

Will you help?

1) Please call your Senator TODAY. Enter your zip code here to find your Senator and his or her phone number. It could be the most important few minutes you spend today. Ask your Senator to support a STRONG Senate Bill 246. No to any Big Tobacco loopholes for casinos or bars. No to preemption. Service industry workers are not second-class citizens. You will likely just be leaving a message, which is just fine. Every message will be counted!

2) You can also email your Senator. Find your Senator's email address here.

We must make sure that Pennsylvania lawmakers understand that their constituents (that's you!) overwhelmingly support making all Pennsylvania workplaces 100% smokefree. Thank you!