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Act Now to Keep Illinois' Casinos Smokefree!

Publication Date: 2007-06-21

The casinos are at it again: gambling Illinois' health for their bottom line!

Last night, the House Executive Committee voted to exempt all casino gaming floors from the Smoke Free Illinois Act for 5 years.

Take action today! Illinois will not be beholden to the gambling industry.

Please call your State Representative. Visit to locate your representative's phone number. Tell them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 1370, House Amendment 1 (which would exempt casino gaming floors from the Smoke Free Illinois Act). Casino employees are not second-class citizens and deserve to breathe clean air, just like everyone else.

We must make sure that our Representatives understand that their constituents (LIKE YOU!) overwhelmingly support making ALL Illinois workplaces, including casinos, 100% smokefree. Thank you!

For additional information, you can visit