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Pennsylvania needs YOUR support for smokefree air!

Publication Date: 2007-06-29

Are you concerned about secondhand smoke in Pennsylvania? You're not alone...

"I currently work in a smoke-filled environment. I am 1 of 6 employees that work here--the other 5 are heavy smokers. I wish Pennsylvania would finally do something and pass a No Smoking ordinance so I could finally breathe. I believe that all workplaces should be smokefree, regardless of what type of job it is."
--Mike in Fairless Hills, PA

Lori, an ANR member in Pennsylvania, lost her father to lung disease and wrote to us: "I grew up breathing in secondhand smoke, but at the time, there was not information out discussing the dangers of secondhand smoke. After my dad passed away, I became very involved..."
--Lori in Gouldsboro, PA

Join Lori and Mike in their fight for a smokefree Pennsylvania!

Your Representative needs to hear from you TODAY because Pennsylvania's smokefree legislation is under attack! Senate Bill 246, which is now in the House, was severely weakened to allow smoking in bars, casinos and other workplaces and to remove local control, which will overrule Philadelphia and other cities' existing smokefree laws and prohibit all communities from enacting their own smokefree protections. House Bill 1541 is currently strong, but numerous amendments to weaken the bill have been proposed!

Don't let Mike and other Pennsylvanians remain exposed on the job!

Will you help?

1) Please call your Representative TODAY. Enter your zip code here to find your Representative and his or her phone number. Let him or her know you OPPOSE exemptions for bars, casinos and other workplaces and that PREEMPTION is UNACCEPTABLE. Ask him or her to support STRONG smokefree legislation, and vote against exemptions and preemption. It could be the most important few minutes you spend today. You will likely just be leaving a message, which is just fine. Every message will be counted!

2) You can also email your Representative. Find your Representative's email address here.

Pennsylvania is already behind the curve in providing smokefree protections for its workers and the public. While New York, New Jersey, Ohio and 24 other states have strong smokefree protections, Pennsylvania is set to stay at the bottom of the pack. We must make sure that Pennsylvania lawmakers understand that their constituents (that's you!) overwhelmingly support making all Pennsylvania workplaces 100% smokefree.