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Changes to bill for smoke ban debated

Publication Date: 2007-07-07
  • Publication:Harrisburg (PA) Patriot-News

The state House spent more than two hours yesterday debating proposed changes to indoor smoke-ban legislation and is poised to resume debate today...

Some lawmakers attacked amendments that would allow smoking on casino gaming floors and in taverns where less than 20 percent of sales come from food. Another move to exempt private, individual offices passed in a 107-90 vote.

If the House passed a smoking ban it still would require approval by the Senate.

Amendments proposed in the House would make the bill similar to one that passed the Senate 33-17 last week. That bill would allow smoking in small taverns, casinos, private clubs, residential facilities and cigar bars.

Opponents of the House amendments said the proposed exemptions would fail to protect thousands of bar and casino employees from second-hand smoke.