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Help prevent preemption in PA today!

Publication Date: 2007-07-10

Today is critical for supporting a strong smokefree law for Pennsylvania that protects local control.

On Friday, the PA House of Representatives defeated a preemptive amendment to House Bill 1541, the smokefree workplaces bill. While this is an important victory, the House may consider the bill again today and amendments to weaken the bill will likely be introduced, including another preemptive amendment. The House has the option to address either House Bill 1541, which remains a strong bill, or Senate bill 246, which is a weak and preemptive bill.

Please call your Representative TODAY to ask them to say NO to PREEMPTION. Enter your zip code here to find your Representative and his or her phone number. Ask him or her to support STRONG smokefree legislation and vote NO on PREEMPTION.

Don't let Big Tobacco win. Please call your Representative this afternoon.