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Restaurants prep for Oct. 1 smoking ban

Publication Date: 2007-07-31
  • Author:Turner Hutchens
  • Publication:The (Murfreesboro, NT) Daily News Journal

Karen Gerbman of Murfreesboro said she's happy about the upcoming ban on smoking in most businesses in Tennessee.

"I've been waiting for it for a long time," the non-smoker said.

As of Oct. 1, smoking in most workplaces, such as restaurants, bars, Laundromats, schools and shopping malls, will be against the law.

Exceptions will include places where no one under 21 is allowed. Some establishments also could choose not to let in anyone under that age instead of banning smoking...

Restaurant patrons across Rutherford County are seeing more eateries opting to go smoke-free — by choice — before the law requires it this fall. Others, valuing their smoking customers, say they'll ban the butts only when the law kicks in.

The City Cafe and Marina's on the Square have already switched to non-smoking. Restaurants such as Ruby Tuesday, Logan's Roadhouse and Waffle House will follow suit by the October deadline.