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Illinois' Comprehensive Smokefree Law Under Attack

Publication Date: 2007-08-08
Thanks to your help, the Illinois General Assembly made its New Year's Resolution early. It passed legislation to make all workplaces -- even casinos -- 100% smokefree come 2008!

It's not over yet! Even though Governor Blagojevich signed the Smokefree Illinois Act (Senate Bill 500) into law on July 23rd, the gaming industry is trying to pull a fast one on public health by introducing an amendment to exempt casinos... again!

So now it's time to urge your State Representative and Senator to VOTE NO on any bills to exempt casinos from the Smokefree Illinois Act

Taking action is as easy as 1...2...3!

1) Please call your Illinois State Representative. Go to to locate your representative.

2) Hang up and dial again! This time, please call your Illinois State Senator. It could be the most important few minutes you spend today. Go to to locate your senator.

3) Ask them to "VOTE NO to any casino exemptions." The Smoke Free Illinois Act is one of the strongest smokefree laws in the nation it should not be weakened to exempt casinos. Casino employees and patrons deserve the same worksite protection from secondhand smoke just like anyone else. You will likely just be leaving a message, especially if it is after 5pm, which is just fine. Every message will be counted!

We must make sure that our representatives understand that their constituents (LIKE YOU!) overwhelmingly support making all Illinois workplaces 100% smokefree. Thank you!