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Pennsylvania Planning to Restrict Smoking in Casinos

Publication Date: 2007-09-16
  • Author:Jennifer Spriggs

As the Pennsylvania State Legislature begins its fall session tomorrow, lawmakers are expected to try and settle on a consensus regarding statewide smoking restrictions, which includes inside your favorite casino.

While the Democratic controlled House of Representatives approved a measure that eliminates smoking in all workplaces, taverns, restaurants, and casinos, the Republican-led Senate has approved a similar version, but with certain exemptions. These exemptions are for taverns that serve little food and would allow a casino to keep 25 percent of their floor open to smoking. This seems to be a good middle ground for making smokers and non-smokers happy.

The debate is how far should Pennsylvania go in banning public smoking, especially in regards to casino floors. Will this affect gaming revenue?

Many states are jumping on the "no smoking"bandwagon but every state seems to be taking a different stand on smoking in casinos.