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MB Chamber skips smoking issue

Publication Date: 2007-11-09
  • Author:Lisa Fleisher
  • Publication:The Sun News

2008 legislative agenda proposed

The one issue left off the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce's legislative agenda is one of the area's hottest topics and the most divisive among the membership: smoking bans.

A committee on Thursday hammered out a list of topics they want the area's state delegation to focus on in the upcoming legislative session, but it did not take a position on whether members supported a statewide smoking ban.

Several municipalities across South Carolina, including Surfside Beach, have recently outlawed smoking in public buildings, restaurants and bars. Businesses in these areas complain that it is unfair because they are competing with businesses that might be across the road - or even next door - where customers are allowed to light up...

State legislative representatives warned that a statewide smoking ban could be imminent - much closer than any legislation preventing bans.

"Last year the smoking ban failed in the House by about five votes," said S.C. Rep. Thad Viers, R-Myrtle Beach. "It's close."