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Chamber pushing state ban of smoking

Publication Date: 2007-11-30
  • Author:Cincinnati (OH) Post
  • Publication:Luke E. Saladin

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is weighing in on the controversial issue of banning tobacco smoke in public places by getting behind a statewide ban with possible exceptions for restaurants and bars.

Chamber President Steve Stevens said a survey chamber membership conducted on the topic a few months ago found that 71 percent of those that responded supported the ban.

"Typically we'll send out a survey and maybe get 100 responses," Stevens said. "We got over 800 responses for this one. If a politician doesn't listen to their constituents, they get voted out office. We feel the same way and that is why we are listening to our members."

Stevens was quick to note that the same survey did not find the membership was united in exactly where smoking should be banned.

He said while 90 percent of the responses supported banning smoking in public places, the number fell to 85 percent for all workplaces, 78 percent for restaurants and 48 percent for bars.