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Help Protect Local Control in South Carolina!

Publication Date: 2008-01-11
Last year, you made calls that helped protect smokefree laws for over 500,000 South Carolinians.

Today, your voice is needed again.

The tobacco industry is once again trying to take away South Carolinians' right to breathe clean air!

The House Judiciary Committee will vote on Senate Bill 103 this Tuesday, January 15. This bill will remove local governments' right to enact smokefree air laws for their communities. It will also overturn all the existing local smokefree laws, including ones in Charleston, Hilton Head Island, Sullivan's Island, Greenville, Mount Pleasant and Columbia.

This bill does NOT bring smokefree air to workplaces: Instead, this bill will cause most South Carolina workers to remain exposed to secondhand smoke on the job, and prevent local communities from being able to do anything about it.

What YOU can do:

Please call ALL members of the House Judiciary Committee TODAY! Ask these members to VOTE NO on Preemption.

Talking Points:

-Please VOTE NO on Preemption in Senate Bill 103.
-Local governments should have the ability to pass their own laws to protect workers from secondhand smoke.
-Home rule decision-making gives us the ability to protect citizens in our local communities.
-I believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air in public places, and especially at work.
-Please RESTORE LOCAL CONTROL of smokefree laws.

House Judiciary Committee:

Rep. Jim Harrison, Chair (803) 256-0049
Rep. J. Michael Mulvaney (704) 926-3240
Rep. Walton McLeod, Vice Chair (803) 345-1538
Rep. J. Todd Rutherford (803) 256-3003
Rep. Bill Herbkersman, Vice Chair (843) 757-7900
Rep. John L. Scott, Jr. (803) 733-5176
Rep. Karl Allen (864) 235-9049
Rep. Fletcher N. Smith, Jr. (864) 232-6541
Rep. Bruce Bannister (864) 298-0084
Rep. G. Murrell Smith, Jr. (803) 778-2471
Rep. Alan D. Clemmons (843) 916-9988
Rep. Garry R. Smith (864) 963-0560
Rep. Creighton B. Coleman (803) 635-6884
Rep. James E. Smith, Jr.
Rep. Kris Crawford (843) 673-0703
Rep. Leon Stavrinakis (843) 724-1060
Rep. F. Greg Delleney, Jr. (803) 581-2211
Rep. Scott F. Talley (864) 582-3770
Rep. Ben A. Hagood, Jr. (843) 972-1000
Rep. Thad T. Viers (843) 903-2982
Rep. Gloria Arias Haskins (803)724-2978
Rep. J. David Weeks (803) 775-5856
Rep. Douglas Jennings, Jr. (843) 479-2865
Rep. J. Seth Whipper (843) 740-7777
Rep. R. Keith Kelly (864) 582-3770

If you get a response from legislators, please share how they respond to you by sending a message to:

Without your voice, Big Tobacco will succeed in keeping workers exposed to secondhand smoke in South Carolina. Thank you!