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Statewide poll finds Hoosiers support a...

Publication Date: 2008-02-04
  • Author:Ross Flint
  • Publication:Martinsville -

A poll that found the majority of Indiana residents support smoke-free workplaces fits with the goals of a Morgan County stop smoking group, its coordinator said.

The poll results was released Jan. 22 by the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air, a statewide coalition of community and health groups. The coalition is calling on state legislators to amend and pass House Bill 1057, which would make all Indiana workplaces smoke-free, including restaurants, bars and casinos.

The poll, conducted for the coalition, found that the majority of 500 statewide voters support a law prohibiting smoking in "indoor public places, including workplaces, public buildings, offices, casinos, restaurants and bars," that secondhand smoke is seen as a health hazard; and that voters support the rights of employees and customers to breathe clean air more than a right to smoke.