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Bill banning youths from smoking rooms passes Senate committee

Publication Date: 2008-02-11
  • Author:John Greiner
  •, OK

A bill to ban youngsters under 18 from going into smoking rooms in restaurants easily passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee Monday.

Benny Vanatta, a representative of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association, urged the committee to reject the bill, saying it would be costly to restaurant owners who have spent up to $100,000 to build smoking rooms which are required under Oklahoma Law.

Vanatta said there are 150 smoking rooms in restaurants in Oklahoma.

Sen. David Myers, R-Ponca City, author of Senate Bill 1182, said he understands the negative aspects but also understands that second-hand smoke is dangerous and right now there are no restrictions on who can go into a smoking room.

Vanatta said the Oklahoma Restaurant Association recently endorsed a total ban of smoking.