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Stop a bad bill from being passed in Iowa!

Publication Date: 2008-03-12

Thanks to you, the Senate passed a strong smokefree bill that includes all workplaces, including casinos last week.

The opposition senses our victory and just pulled a fast one. They convinced House representatives to remove the right to local control and punctured the bill with unequal and unnecessary exemption - allowing smoking in workplaces with patrons and employees over 21-years old. In summary: the bill (HF 2212) would uphold the smoke-filled, ineffective status quo if they succeed. The bill now goes back to the Senate for a vote.

We need your help today to stop them from hijacking our chance of repealing preemption and passing a strong and fair law.

Take action today! It's easy:

Call the Senate switchboard at (515) 281-3371 and ask to leave a message that the Senate needs to reject the House ammendment to HF 2212 and to pass a strong smokefree bill with no exemptions. All workers deserve the right to breathe 100% smokefree air on the job.

Thank you!