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To Pass Smokefree Ordinances

Action Alert

Restore Local Control in Iowa

Publication Date: 2008-02-07
Are you ready for smokefree air in Iowa?

Iowa is the closest its ever been to restoring local control to cities and counties that want to pass smokefree indoor workplace laws.

The opposition senses our victory and just pulled a fast one. They convinced House representatives to remove the right to local control and punctured the bill with unequal and unnecessary exemptions. In summary: the bill would uphold the smoke-filled, ineffective status quo if they succeed.

We need your help today to stop them from hijacking our chance of repealing preemption. Local governments should have the right to pass local laws that benefit their communities' health and well-being.

Take action today! It's easy.

Call the House Dispatch Board at (515) 281-3221, ask for your representative and leave a message to support local control with no exemptions. Request that a strong anti-preemption clause be secured in HF 2067 and in the statewide bill HSB 537 with no exemptions. All workers deserve the right to breathe 100% smokefree air on the job.

Thank you!