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Ohio smoking ban rewrite

Publication Date: 2008-09-17
  • Publication:WTVG

Ohio's statewide smoking ban could go before lawmakers once again.

The ban is addressed in a senate bill, but backers claim the bill does not aim to change anything.

What Senate Bill 346 calls for is a return to the original terms of Ohio's statewide smoking ban. That's according to Bill Delaney. He's the owner of Delaney's Lounge and president of the Northwest Ohio Buckeye Liquor Permit Holders Association. Delaney says the ban, as it was presented to voters, is not what the ban has become. "Family owned and operated businesses, patios, private clubs exempt. That's what it said. All we're asking, honor it."

Senate Bill 346 is backed by Senator Robert Schuler of the Cincinnati area. Delaney says the bill may be introduced as early as mid-November.