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Making their pitches

Publication Date: 2008-10-07
  • Author:Charles Slat

Incumbent state representatives touted their records and their opponents argued for sweeping changes during a candidate forum Monday night that covered topics as diverse as the state's economy, smoking bans and an expansion of the bottle deposit bill.

Public smoking ban

Ms. Dahm said she joined a bowling league and developed "secondhand smoke-induced asthma. We have to ban smoking in the entire state," she said.

Mr. Eleniewski said "in an economy such as this, a smoking ban right now is not a priority. I don't think it would be smart for Michigan right now to push this issue."

Mr. Moynihan said he favored "reasonable restraints" because a lot of public dollars are going to support people who suffer from the ravages of smoking.

Ms. Ebli said it's a worker-safety issue and every worker, including cocktail waitresses, have the right to have their health protected while on the job.

Ms. Angerer said "I support a ban that doesn't favor one business over another type of business, period."