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Smoking ban considered

Publication Date: 2008-11-24
  • Author:Heather Mawhiney
  • Publication:UWEC Spectator, WI

State-wide measure considered for public health

One issue newly-elected legislative leaders will discuss next year is whether or not to implement a state-wide smoking ban in bars and restaurants throughout Wisconsin. While many legislative leaders are in favor of a ban for public health reasons, many restaurant and bar patrons and business owners are concerned it will hinder businesses.

"It's a health issue first and foremost," said Jeff Smith, the Democratic Representative for the 93rd Assembly District of the Wisconsin State Legislature. "It's our responsibility to look out for the health and well-being of Wisconsin residents. Secondhand smoke presents a huge health risk."

Many UW-Eau Claire students as well as bar and restaurant employees agree.

"I'm absolutely for the smoking ban," senior and Brother's bouncer Josh Little said. Little has been working at Brother's, 324 Water St., since May 2008, two months before the Eau Claire enacted its own city-wide smoking ban on July 1. Little said there are many positive health aspects associated with the ban. "I'm not coughing all the time anymore and I don't get a sore throat after every shift."