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Wisconsin needs statewide smoking ban

Publication Date: 2008-12-05
  • Author:Sen. Judy Robson
  • Publication:The Business Journal of Milwaukee

I believe the people of Wisconsin are ready for our state to join our neighbors in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, who have already enacted (statewide smoking bans).

The move to ban indoor smoking is part of national trend. At this time, 25 states have laws requiring smoke-free workplaces including bars and restaurants. The number of states with no smoking restrictions has dropped to less than 10.

There is an abundance of compelling information in favor of this legislation. That includes scientific evidence of the health risks associated with secondhand smoke, data showing a decline in teen smoking where bans are in place and polls indicating strong support among Wisconsin residents.

As a registered nurse, I have seen the devastating effects of smoking and second-hand smoke. I believe that the people are well served by policies and laws that discourage smoking, prohibit smoking in workplaces and public places and protect people against the effects of secondhand smoke.