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Michigan's Smokefree Future Threatened: Take Action Now!

Publication Date: 2008-07-03

****Time Sensitive****

Michigan House of Representatives Playing Politics with Your Health!

The leadership of the Michigan House of Representatives is playing politics with people's lives by indefinitely delaying the crucial final vote for smokefree air.

This vote to concur with HB 4163 could be done in five minutes, but instead some lawmakers want to delay as long as possible in hopes of weakening or killing the legislation. They will go home to enjoy summer vacations, ride in hometown parades, and enjoy fancy dinners without voting to ensure that Michigan workers have smokefree air.

Some lawmakers are more concerned about upsetting tobacco companies and their allies than they are about your health.

Here's how you can help:

1) Contact your Representative today. Urge them to vote now to concur with HB 4163 and to stop delaying. Call 888-NOW-I-CAN to reach your Representative.

2) Print out this ad in support of smokefree air. Help spread the word by putting it in your window, handing it out in your community, or forwarding it to friends. The download link is:

3) Keep an eye out for lawmakers in your area during the summer at parades and community festivals. When you find them, express your strong support for HB 4163 - smokefree air for ALL Michigan workers. Tell them its time for the House stop playing politics with people's health and pass the strong bill without exemptions.

This is about people's lives. Smokefree air is already the national norm in restaurants and bars, and Michigan has delayed far too long. It's time to step up for smokefree air in all workplaces - for a healthier, more vibrant Michigan!

P.S. Thank you to smokefree supporters who sent in contributions toward the cost of running the smokefree ad. Thanks to you, ANR was able to contribute $2,000. Since these ads are considered lobbying, your non-tax deductible contributions to the Michigan ad fund are extremely important.