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Group Pushes Wisconsin Smoking Ban

Publication Date: 2009-02-27
  • Publication:WKBT

There are 24 states, plus Washington D-C and Puerto Rico, that have passed a state law requiring 100% smoke-free restaurants and bars.

Those in favor of the ban say they're hopeful the support will push a Wisconsin ban through the legislature.

"We are very optimistic, with what the governor has in his budget and the way things are going right now. Yes, very optimistic," says Dan Duquette, who sits on the American Cancer Society Board of Directors.

One group that is against the smoking ban is the Tavern League of Wisconsin. The organization says a smoking ban seriously hurt business, and that smoking should be up to the business owner. The organization says it will be fighting any form of a ban.

The "Holding Our Breath for a Smoke-Free Wisconsin" campaign has launched a new website to help educated about the initiative. Click here for the website.