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Senate committee resuscitates smoking ban

Publication Date: 2009-03-19
  • Author:Sarah Green
  • Publication:KHI News Service

An action by a Senate committee on Thursday gave new traction to a bill that would ban smoking in most of the state's public places.

The Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee replaced the language in House Bill 2221 with language from Senate Bill 25, a statewide smoking ban.

The move was in response to a House committee's vote Wednesday to table SB 25, effectively killing it for the session.

HB 2221, as originally written, would have allowed state health officials to make public the names and addresses of child care providers. It passed the House, 125-0.

SB 25 passed the Senate 26-13. It would allow smoking in a handful of public places, including tobacco shops, private clubs, casinos and 20 percent of hotel rooms. Certain areas of adult care homes would be exempt. The bill also contains provisions aimed at making sure cigarette machines and self-service displays of tobacco products are behind counters or otherwise kept away from the general public.