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Help Strengthen Pennsylvania's Smokefree Law!!

Publication Date: 2009-03-04

The Good News: State Senator Greenleaf has introduced a bill (SB113) that would close the loopholes in Pennsylvania's smokefree law - loopholes that leave many Pennsylvania workers and residents exposed to toxic secondhand smoke in workplaces and public places. This bill would also restore authority to local municipalities to enact local smokefree laws that are stronger that the state law.

The Bad News: This good bill doesn't seem to be getting much support from other state lawmakers. We are losing this important chance to strengthen the law - and deliver the smokefree rights that Pennsylvanians deserve.

What You Can Do: Take a moment to Speak UP!

Please take a moment to call your State Senator. It's easy. Just use this map to find your lawmaker along with their phone number and email address:

Talking Points:

  • Urge your state Senator to SUPPORT a comprehensive smokefree workplace law that protects ALL Pennsylvania workers and removes the exemptions in the current law.
  • Ask your Senator to SUPPORT restoring the authority of local municipalities to adopt a stronger law than state law.
    After your call, please let me know what they say!

P.S. Want to do more? Here's how to help. After your call, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging the Pennsylvania Legislature to strenthen the smokefree workplace law so that it protects all workers. Pennsylvania deserves better than weak, loophole-filled partial measures that leave so many workers behind. Even in a recession, everyone still has to breathe.

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