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Lawmakers consider changes to Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

Publication Date: 2009-04-04
  • Publication: KVBC-TV NBC

It has been a controversial right from the very beginning. And now, lawmakers are debating massive changes to the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. If a new bill passes, it would allow people to light up in a lot more places. News 3's Katherine Whaley explains why the economy could play a role in this decision.

Bob Ansara, owner of Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant, supports a move to scale back the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. Since its passage in 2006, he says there have been just too many empty chairs inside his restaurant's bar - chairs once occupied by smokers who would come in for the gaming and traditional Mexican dishes.

"The unintended consequences are incredible," says Ansara. "We have definitely lost business over this. It will save a lot of businesses that are right now in this economy, especially in this economy, are struggling."

The law prevents smoking in a bar that serves food. But Senate Bill 372 would change that, giving folks the go-ahead to light up if the smoking area is completely enclosed and reserved for those 21 and older.