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Legislator makes second attempt to modify state smoking ban

Publication Date: 2009-05-05
  • Publication:Central Ohio Source

In the wake of complaints of lost business by some small business owners, Sen. Robert Schuler, R-Cincinnati, introduced legislation last week to modify Ohio's November 2006 smoking ban.

According to the legislation, Senate Bill 120 would amend sections 3794.01 and 3794.03 of the Ohio Revised Code regarding exemptions from the smoking ban.

Schuler said SB 120 is not an attempt to get rid of the smoking ban, but rather to codify the law.

"This is an effort to clarify the law so it will be enforced the way it was voted on by the people," said Schuler. "I think it is up to the individual clubs and businesses to base it on what their customers and members want."

Schuler said the ban was supposed to allow family-owned businesses, outdoor patios and private clubs to have a choice to either participate in the ban or continue business as usual.

However, he said, the smoking ban is not being enforced the way it was supposed to be according to the original paperwork that was filed with the Secretary of State.