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Lobbyists revive part of Indoor smoking bill

Publication Date: 2009-05-31
  • Author:AP

A plan to roll back a voter-approved ban on smoking in public places died weeks ago in the Nevada Legislature, but lobbyists for the gambling and tourism industries are using the last few days of the 2009 session to try to bring it back to life.

The original bill, SB372 would have softened the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, passed by voters in 2006, by fine-tuning just where smoking should be prohibited. Lobbyists wanted to allow smoking in bars that serve food as long as minors are restricted from entry, but the bill died when it failed to pass out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

That didn't stop lobbyists from reviving part of the plan on Saturday to allow smoking at tobacco trade conventions. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority sought the change because some groups with tobacco industry ties canceled Nevada conventions after the ban too effect.

The amendment was suggested for AB309, with deals with the crime of stalking.