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LTE: State missed chance to snuff out smoking

Publication Date: 2009-07-07
  • Author:Andrew Muhl
  • Publication:The Daily Advertiser

The recently concluded legislative session may have been one of the more disappointing in recent Louisiana history, but there were some positives to note. While our leaders approved budget cuts to health care and failed to take action on some critical issues, many forward-thinking legislators voted "yes" on two important proposals: the tobacco price increase and making Louisiana 100 percent smoke-free.

More important, some pledged to bring these measures up again in the future because they recognize the toll tobacco is taking on our state. Unfortunately, it will be a hard road ahead. During this recent session, the administration and the majority of legislators exhibited little concern for the health of Louisiana citizens...

When given the opportunity to protect all workers, including bar and casino employees, from deadly secondhand smoke, they voted down the proposal. In short, our leaders ensured that Louisiana will remain last in almost all measurements of health for years to come.