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Parkinson to push for statewide smoking ban

Publication Date: 2009-09-01
  • Author:Scott Rothschild
  • Publication:Lawrence Journal-World

Gov. Mark Parkinson on Tuesday said he would push for a statewide ban on smoking in public places when the Legislature convenes in January, and he may propose increasing the cigarette tax.

"We are going to put our full effort behind it," Parkinson said of the smoking ban. His comment, made during a speech to the Governor's Council on Fitness, drew applause.

Andrew Allison, acting director of the Kansas Health Policy Authority, said he was pleased to hear of Parkinson’s support of a clean indoor air law.

"All the research shows this will have a very positive impact on the overall health of Kansans and, over the long term, it will reduce health care costs," Allison said...

During the last legislative session, a statewide indoor smoking ban was approved in the Senate but failed to pass the House.

Parkinson said he would try to persuade some House members to get on board with the proposal when the 2010 session starts.