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Smokefree air is coming to Michigan!

Publication Date: 2009-12-11
Most of Michigan’s workplaces, restaurants, and bars will be smokefree on May 1, 2010!

After ten years of debate, Michigan’s legislature finally passed a smokefree law this week, and Governor Granholm says she’ll sign it. Congratulations to all the individuals, organizations, and policymaker champions that helped speak up and take action to achieve this public health victory. Michigan will be joining North Carolina and Wisconsin in implementing their statewide smokefree laws in 2010.

What You Can Do to Help Celebrate:

Please help us with a final action this year by taking a moment to send a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper to thank the legislature and expressing why you support the new law and the right to breathe clean air.

Opponents are going to continue spreading fear and negative predictions about the law, so we need nonsmokers to keep speaking up and not be a silent majority. A letter to the editor, even a very short one, will help remind the public and lawmakers that the vast majority of people support the right to breathe smokefree air inside workplaces and public places.

Information about the law:

The smokefree law will be implemented by the Michigan Department of Health. There will be many details about the law available in the coming weeks. You can also check out

The job to protect ALL workers is not over yet!

Unfortunately, casino floors were exempted from the law due to politics and gaming industry lobbyists. ANR routinely hears from non-smoking casino workers who are DYING because of the toxic air in their worksite. The lives of people working in this job sector should not be viewed as a mere exemption or as acceptable deaths. The law is a major, historic step forward and will protect the health of millions in Michigan, but it’s important to remember that our job is not done yet because it still leaves behind the people MOST exposed to secondhand smoke and MOST in need of a law to ensure clean air in the workplace.


Bronson at ANR