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News Summaries for Georgia
New smoking ban fails to dent business7/4/2005
Enforcement of smoking ban still 'up in the air'7/1/2005
Questions surround smoking ban6/30/2005
State to act slowly on smoking ban6/30/2005
Local anti-smoking laws may trump state ban6/26/2005
Smoking ban shakes up restaurants6/24/2005
Ga. Governor Signs Bill Banning Smoking5/9/2005
Governor Schedules News Conference Regarding Smoking Ban5/9/2005
EDITORIAL: Governor, stop blowing smoke, sign Free Air Act4/27/2005
EDITORIAL: Gov.: Dons health go up in smoke4/7/2005
Smoking ban still needs Perdue's signature4/6/2005
Smoking ban bill heads to governor4/1/2005
Ban would mean curtains for smoking onstage3/29/2005
On smoking ban, senators say they'll back down3/29/2005
Smoking ban to go back to Senate3/24/2005
House says yes to weaker smoking ban3/23/2005
Revised Smoking Ban Discussed in Georgia House3/23/2005
Smoking ban stirs questions3/22/2005
Legislature's proposed indoor smoking ban ignites debate3/21/2005
Legislature's proposed indoor smoking ban ignites debate3/21/2005
Top state lawmakers: Smoking ban certain to pass in some form3/21/2005
Bars catch a break on proposed smoke ban3/17/2005
EDITORIAL: Let the smoke clear3/16/2005
Smoking ban scaled back3/16/2005
House Committee Passes Smoking Ban3/15/2005
Smoking bans taken in stride in other states3/15/2005
Bills would make state smoke-free3/13/2005
EDITORIAL: Smoking bans gain traction3/3/2005
EDITORIAL: Smoke ban must pass2/28/2005
Georgia Senate approves smoking ban in public buildings2/24/2005
Smoking ban measure on move2/9/2005
Smoking ban makes good economic sense2/3/2005

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