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West Virginia's Smokefree Local Laws are Threatened

Publication Date: 2010-02-18

WV Smokefree Laws Threatened by new House Bill

House Bill 4507 was introduced in the West Virginia House this week, which would allow any person or business to appeal decisions of local Boards of Health to the county commission—including smokefree laws. The legislation would apply to any actions made by all 49 Boards of Health in the past three years as well as all future actions.

Please speak up today against this dangerous bill, which threatens smokefree laws as well as all other public health regulations adopted by Boards of Health.

The obvious targets of this legislation are the numerous smokefree laws put in place over the past several years. The lead sponsor of the bill, Delegate Doug Reynolds, has been a vocal opponent of the new smokefree law passed in Cabell County last month. However, this bill would apply to all decisions and actions of local Boards of Health, not just smokefree laws, and would place special interests above the interest of protecting public health.

Other sponsors of this bill are Delegates Border, Skaff, Sobonya, C. Miller, D. Walker, Campbell, Spencer, Poore, Hunt, and Manchin.

What you can do to help:

  • Call members of this committee IMMEDIATELY and express your opposition to HB4507!

The bill could move very quickly because it is single referenced to the House Judiciary Committee. Time is critical in contacting members of this committee to urge their REJECTION of this dangerous and ill-conceived legislation.

Member of Judiciary Committee, Phone

Delegate Miley, Chair, (304) 340-3252
Delegate Hunt, Vice-Chair, (304) 340-3392
Delegate Ellem, Minority Chair, (304) 340-3394
Delegate Lane, Minority Vice-Chair, (304) 340-3275
Delegate Barker, (304) 340-3149
Delegate Brown, (304) 340-3106
Delegate Caputo, (304) 340-3249
Delegate Ferro, (304) 340-3111
Delegate Fleischauer, (304) 340-3169
Delegate Frazier, (304) 340-3396
Delegate Hutchins, (304) 340-3270
Delegate Longstreth, (304) 340-3124
Delegate Michael, (304) 340-3340
Delegate Moore, (304) 340-3189
Delegate Ross, (304) 340-3145
Delegate Shook, (304) 340-3173
Delegate Skaff, (304) 340-3362
Delegate Susman, (304) 340-3183
Delegate Wells, (304) 340-3287
Delegate Wooton, (304) 340-3164
Delegate Hamilton, (304) 340-3167
Delegate Overington, (304) 340-3148
Delegate Schadler, (304) 340-3191
Delegate Schoen, (304) 340-3141
Delegate Sobonya, (304) 340-3175

Thank you for taking action! This dangerous bill is the latest attempt aimed at weakening local boards of health and politicizing the decisions they make. Please ask your friends, coworkers and family to speak up too!

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