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Deadwood smoking ban revisited

Publication Date: 2011-01-27
  • Author:Jaci Conrad Pearson
  • Publication:Black Hills Pioneer

Nelson to introduce bill to soften smoking ban in Deadwood

If Sen. Tom Nelson had his druthers, smoking would not go away in Deadwood completely.

What many in the industry feel is inaccurate reporting of actual net profits in the gaming industry, combined with less play time on machines that has accompanied the smoking ban, is what Nelson feels is a lethal combination for Deadwood.

Regardless, he knows he's in for a fight.

"It's going to be a tougher fight to make any changes to the smoking ban in Deadwood, considering we had an up month in November," Nelson said. "I just want to get something submitted, something started, so at least we have something to discuss, to react to, to change."

The deadline to submit preliminary language for the bill is Thursday.

Nelson expected that a more final form would be drafted over the weekend, with a final draft due next Tuesday.

Nelson said that the Legislature will still be in session when the January gaming numbers come out.

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