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Casino bill edges closer to governor's desk

Publication Date: 2011-11-14
  • Author:Noah Bierman
  • Publication:Boston Globe

The Massachusetts House and Senate have each given tentative approval this afternoon to a final compromise version of the casino bill. The proposal must receive full approval by each chamber before heading to the governor's desk.

The final version of the plan calls for three full-scale casinos and one slot parlor across the state.

It also increases money devoted to propping up the state’s horse racing industry, and requires state officials involved in creating the gambling bill to wait a year after they leave government before accepting a job in the casino industry. House and Senate negotiators killed a controversial provision that would have allowed happy hours at bars around the state.

In a brief interview this afternoon, Patrick said he was surprised to see that money was added to the horse fund and taken away from local aid. He wouldn't say directly whether he will request any amendments, but expressed confidence that he will be able to sign it. "t looks like a long chapter in the debate around gambling has closed," he said.

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