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Indiana smoking ban passes General Assembly

Publication Date: 2012-03-09
  • Author:Chris Sikich
  • Publication:Indianapolis Star

Indiana will go smoke free July 1 -- for the most part.

The Senate today approved a smoking ban on most public spaces and work places by a close 28-22 vote. The House late Thursday night approved the ban 60-33.

The legislation’s exemptions included bars, gaming facilities, cigar/hookah bars, retail tobacco stores, nonprofit private clubs and fraternal organizations.

“It’s not everything we wanted,” said House author Eric Turner, R-Cicero,” But certainly, when this bill takes effect, thousands of Hoosiers will go to work in an environment that’s smoke free.”

Will advocates try for a stronger ban next year?

“It’s way too early to tell,” Turner said. “I think the public is going to dictate that to us. Once they get used to a smoke-free environment at thousands of business places, maybe they will come back to us and say we’d like you to go a little bit further.”

“But that’s for another day.”

Co-author Charlie Brown, D-Gary, also celebrated the ban’s passage, but he didn’t mince words

“If I am elected next year,” he said, “yes I will be back, with ever fervor in my soul to try to strengthen this bill.”...

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