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Voters will consider five ballot measures in the General Election

Publication Date: 2012-10-03
  • Author:Rep. Glen Froseth
  • Publication:Kenmare News

As voters begin to seriously consider their voting options in the General Election on November 6th, little information has been published in regard to the five Measures that will be included on the ballot.

Early voting by absentee ballot began last week, therefore many voters will be casting their votes soon as they find it is more convenient to vote by absentee ballot or use early voting precincts, rather than wait for the actual election date.

The General Election ballot will contain three Constitutional amendments and two Statuatory changes...

Measure 4: This is an initiated statuatory change that will prohibit smoking in all public places.

The Measure provides: “This initiated statuatory measure would prohibit smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, in public places and places of employment in the state, including hotel rooms, bars, and gaming facilities. The measure would require the owner, operator, manager, or other person in control of a public place to post smoking prohibited signs and require such persons to enforce the smoking prohibitions. It also requires state’s attorneys to enforce the smoking prohibitions.”

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