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Effort Underway to Snuff Out Smoking at Florida Parks and Beaches

Publication Date: 2013-12-16
  • Author:Israel Balderas
  • Publication:WPEC

Since 2003, Florida law has prohibited smoking in enclosed workspaces, including restaurants, but not at bars.

Now, some want to expand that smoke-free environment to the outdoors, like public parks and beaches.

While some Florida cities and counties like Broward would like to enact that type of smoking ban, the state would have to say it's OK...

Those that support public parks and beaches becoming smoke free say it's the last open space you want to see someone lighting up.

"Cause, I hate coming to the beach and smell cigar smoke, and you know it's not enjoyable," said professional photographer Sharon Asby.

She loves working with kids. That's why Asby thinks not smoking around them - in the open - is a healthy initiative...

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