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Op-Ed: Keep an Open Mind About Proposed Smoking Ban

Publication Date: 2015-02-09
  • Author:Brent Cooper
  • Publication:River City News

I would like you to keep an open mind about supporting a law that over 90-percent of Kentucky Chamber of Commerce members are for. It polled higher than any other business issue the KY Chamber surveyed this year and is something that tourism and economic development leaders have said that they would love to have. It will also save the state a ton of money, and will save lives; but best of all doesn't cost the state a dime.

I am talking about the proposed statewide smoke-free law. Now I know many of you have said you are against it, but I'm asking you to talk to one another, to look at the latest data, and reconsider...

If you agree that secondhand smoke makes you sick, consider other laws when it comes to things that impact health and safety. Businesses used to be able to decide how many could come into their establishment (a free market decision), until there were fires, and we decided to make rules against overcrowding. Businesses could decide whether or not restaurant staff had to wash their hands before preparing food (a free market decision) until people realized that not requiring hand washing was a health hazard. Businesses could decide how to handle seating for events, until The Who concert where people got trampled...

Not having a statewide smoke-free policy is costing us a ton of money and human capital. I urge you to reconsider smoke-free...

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