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Bill adds smoke to high-end cigar bars in Indiana

Publication Date: 2015-04-30
  • Author:MAUREEN HAYDEN CNHI Reporter
  • Publication:Newsandtribune

...In the waning days of the legislative session, language slipped into an obscure tobacco bill clears the way for smokers to light up inside Uhl's establishment. And it opens the door for other cigar bars, as well.

The measure does away with part of the statewide smoking ban imposed three years ago, when the General Assembly barred smoking inside most public facilities including shops that only sell tobacco products. The law exempted tobacco retailers that were already in business but forbid smoking in any new cigar bars.

There's only about 40 shops in Indiana that strictly sell cigars and less than dozen cigar-only lounges.

This year's change had some surprising support. It was endorsed by the current and past chairmen of the House Public Health Committee, Rep. Ed Clere, R-New Albany, and Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary. Both had pushed legislators, unsuccessfully, to expand the smoking ban to include casinos, which were also exempted in 2012...

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