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KY should join 24 states that ban workplace smoking

Publication Date: 2016-01-12
  • Author:Janie Heath and Ellen Hahn
  • Publication:The Courier-Journal

Our New Year's resolution is for Kentucky to breathe clean air and build its economic strength by investing in the health of our loved ones and in future generations....

This is an opportunity for our new governor and the General Assembly to enact solutions that will save lives and improve the economic well-being of the commonwealth.

These solutions are even more important when considering how much tobacco companies invest in trying to convince Kentuckians to smoke -- $292.8 million a year, equaling $66 per person per year. Tobacco product marketing entices Kentuckians to use tobacco, afflicting generations with costly and painful diseases, early death, and enormous healthcare costs. Kentucky faces an uphill battle against sophisticated, well-financed tobacco company marketing...

Most significantly, Kentucky has an important opportunity to join 24 other states in requiring all workplaces, without exception, be smoke-free. This inexpensive solution is known to reduce smoking, lower heart and asthma attacks, and send fewer people with emphysema to the hospital.  States like Ohio and Illinois have already taken this financially responsible, effective and commonsense step toward keeping their residents safe...

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