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Help protect smokefree air in West Virginia!

Publication Date: 2016-02-18

Tell Your WV House member to Vote No on HB 4472!

Local authority to implement smokefree laws and other health regulations is at risk in West Virginia!

We need your help to protect local control for smokefree air!

If legislators vote to pass HB 4472, all existing local smokefree air laws could be nullified or broad exemptions could be added by County Commissions. HB4472 has a hearing tomorrow, February 19, in the House Government Organization Committee, so it’s important to take action today.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Please call or email your House Members today and ask him/her to OPPOSE HB 4472. Let your House member know that it's wrong for West Virginia to make it more difficult to protect workers from secondhand smoke exposure and that you support smokefree environments.
  • You can find your House member’s phone number and email address here, and if you need to look up who your member is, you can do so here.

This latest attack on local control could roll back two decades of progress protecting West Virginians from secondhand smoke. The tobacco industry wants to keep a stronghold in the state, spending millions of dollars to recruit and maintain the 27% of residents currently smoking.

Even worse, this bill would undermine ALL local public health regulations in West Virginia, not just smokefree. All new and existing regulations passed by local Boards of Health in the state would have to get new approval or be voided.

Making it more difficult to protect workers from secondhand smoke is WRONG for West Virginia! Smokefree laws are good for health and good for business.

Thanks for taking action!

Click here to see the full action alert:

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