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Should all workplaces be smoke-free in Pennsylvania?

Publication Date: 2016-02-24
  • Author:David O'Connor
  • Publication:Central Penn Business Journal

Try getting 71 percent of Pennsylvanians to agree on something else, like who they're voting for in November, or what pro football team they like.

But 71 percent of those surveyed would support efforts to ban smoking in all workplaces across the state, while even more (81 percent) believe that exposure to second-hand smoke is a health hazard.

These numbers encourage leaders of Breathe Free Pennsylvania, an organization that aims to develop a “strong and comprehensive clean indoor air law, with no exemptions,” for the state.

The numbers, released by the organization Tuesday, show there is overwhelming support for a more comprehensive smoke-free workplace law, its leaders said...

State Sen. Stewart Greenleaf and state Rep. Tom Murt, both Republicans from Montgomery County, have introduced legislation, Senate Bill 567 and House Bill 682, respectively, that would strengthen the clean indoor air law and ensure that all workplaces are smoke-free.

The state House Health Committee in November had passed House Bill 682, but adopted two amendments that would allow smoking to continue in social clubs and casinos...

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