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Lawmakers show surprising courage against Big Tobacco

Publication Date: 2016-03-07
  • Author:George Skelton
  • Publication:LA Times

The Legislature showed some guts last week in standing up to the tobacco lobby and its political money...

It was a bad day for tobacco interests. The Assembly passed two other bills that could have even greater immediate impact.

One, by Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), would raise the smoking age from 18 to 21...

The second big bill that passed makes total sense and is overdue. The measure, by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), would regulate electronic cigarettes like tobacco. Their use would be prohibited everywhere cigarettes are banned: in restaurants, theaters and other public places....

Three other anti-smoking bills also passed the Assembly the same day. One would close loopholes in the state's smoke-free workplace laws. Another would require all schools to be tobacco free. The third would impose a state licensing fee on tobacco retailers...

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