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Florida's meddlesome preemption laws preempt local values

Publication Date: 2018-01-04
  • Author:Fred Grimm

...It seems such a contradictory predilection. Conservative Republicans rail about big government mandates and federal interference in state prerogatives, because local folks know what’s best. Yet they fairly delight in passing bills that appropriate the powers of city and county elected officials.

No issue is too petty. Steube has also introduced a bill (SB 378) that would undo local ordinances that prohibit drivers from backing into parking garage parking spaces.

We're already suffering from a long list of preemption laws that preempt common sense. Florida statutes won't allow cities and counties to prohibit smoking in music venues, patio dining areas, parks, beaches. They can't demand that restaurants disclose the nutritional content of drinks or dishes...

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