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Colorado, It's Time to Modernize the CCIAA

Publication Date: 2019-04-10

It's time to modernize the Clean Indoor Air Act 

Colorado House Bill 1076 to strengthen the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, has been stalled in the House of Representatives since February 27th. It's time it receives a Yes vote.

Can you please take amoment to call or email your House Representative? Urge them to support moving HB 1076 for a YES vote. The bill could be heard this Friday so contact your Representative soon!

Locate your legislator via this link. Put your address in the map search feature to find the phone number and email address for your Representative.

Background: HB 1076 will strengthen the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act by prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in smokefree spaces. It will also close gaps in smokefree workplace protections that have left people exposed to secondhand smoke in job sites like small workplaces and hotels.

In 2006, Colorado passed the Clean Indoor Air Act, prohibiting smoking in enclosed public places like restaurants, bars and casinos. In 2013, the law was strengthened to also prohibit marijuana smoking in smokefree spaces. 

More Talking points:

  • Electronic smoking devices can produce high levels of harmful ultra-fine particles that can damage the respiratory system. The secondhand emissions from these products can contain glycols, nicotine, volatile organic compounds, metals, and carcinogens.
  • Regardless of any debate about the role of electronic cigarette products might serve in cessation, there is no need to use these products in shared air spaces such as workplaces and public places where others are subject to the hazardous secondhand emissions. Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes should be used outdoors and in ways that don't impact the health of others.
  • Smoke is smoke. The smokefree law should not be weakened to allow for marijuana smoking in multi-use buildings where other people will then be exposed. The standard should be clean air. 

Thank you for informing your Representative that you want HB 1076 to be moved for a vote on the House floor. Everyone deserves the right to a smokefree workplace that is free from any form of secondhand smoke - including secondhand emissions from electronic cigarettes.

See the full alert here.


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